Tweed jacket

EN Moms everyday life is rather monotonous, because it consists of rituals and routines that are repeated daily. And this applies not only to a specific sequence of actions, but also the daily looks. For going for a walk, we increasingly prefer convenient and practical things: sneakers, chucks, jeans, T-shirts and shirts. And in this everyday life we often forget what we were before.. How we loved boats, red lipstick and a midi skirt… and tweed jackets! So the weekend in our family – is moms holiday: sitting in the cafe with a magazine or a book, and forget not only moms everyday life, but also boring clothes .. So nice to be a little more feminine again … Even for one day ^ _ ^


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Artyourface and bedroom details

Hello my dear readers! Are you ready for Halloween and holiday weekends?
Today I want to share with you the details of my updated bedroom. More recently, we have rearranged the furniture that would change the atmosphere, bought a new bed. And now I try to complete the interior of our bedroom with interesting details: pictures, posters, frames, candle holders, etc.
And my recent acquisition was a poster from Artyourface  with the silhouette of Düsseldorf. Someone like Paris, someone is in love with New York, but I’m crazy about the city in which I live. Therefore, choosing a print poster I had not even thought about what city I want to see on it! However, several variants of the background caught me by surprise. White, red or black background, “cappuccino”, stone or steel? Great choice, agree!? Very cool that everyone can choose the version of the background based on the style of it’s interior.
And so I decided that our bedroom is in beige and purple hues with the addition of gold items, I opted for the background of the “cappuccino”.
To say that I am satisfied with the quality of the poster, this is to say nothing. I did not expect that really first class print! Contrasting colors, the paper is very thick. Who hangs a poster or a photo on the wall, know that over time the photo or posters can become “wavy”. I’m sure this will not happen nn paper of this thickness.
Generally it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. And that will be hanging on your wall: Paris, New York, Istanbul or London? Only you choose!


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