Perfect Summer bags

EN Summer is getting closer, colors become brighter! Warm days are coming and it means that it’s time to get colorful bags and shoes! And if you don’t have a stylish and colorful bag, then order it quickly and stay in trend! =) Here are my favorite summer bags!

Under 200$
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DE Sommer rückt näher, die Farben werden heller! Die Tage sind warm und das bedeutet, dass es Zeit ist, bunte Taschen und Schuhe auszupacken! Und wenn ihr noch keine stilvolle und bunte Tasche habt, besttelt schnell eine und bleibet im Trend! =)

Under 1000$
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Лето всё ближе, краски всё ярче! Теплые деньки наступили, а это значит, что пришла пора доставать яркие сумки и туфли! А если у вас еще нет стильной и яркой сумки, то скорее заказывайте и будьте в тренде! =) И именно поэтому я сделала для вас подборку классных летних сумок на любой кошелек! Наслаждайтесь 😉

Over 1000$
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Tweed jacket

EN Moms everyday life is rather monotonous, because it consists of rituals and routines that are repeated daily. And this applies not only to a specific sequence of actions, but also the daily looks. For going for a walk, we increasingly prefer convenient and practical things: sneakers, chucks, jeans, T-shirts and shirts. And in this everyday life we often forget what we were before.. How we loved boats, red lipstick and a midi skirt… and tweed jackets! So the weekend in our family – is moms holiday: sitting in the cafe with a magazine or a book, and forget not only moms everyday life, but also boring clothes .. So nice to be a little more feminine again … Even for one day ^ _ ^


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Perfect pink lipstick


perfect pink lipstick

EN Spring is in full swing and the really warm days are finally here! I, like many people, fell me drawn to bright colors now, not only in clothes, but also in makeup. And recently, I realized that I don’t have perfect everyday pink lipstick. All of them are too bright, or too pale .. = D
So it was decided to go to MAC and find a suitable option for spring: the color that isn’t too saturated, while it could be seen on the lips.
In the end, I found it – MAC Love Lorn. For me – very springly, fresh color. Bright and gentle. Very soon, I’ll show you how it looks on me) Because I can’t do good swatches = D Continue reading →