Spring beauty wish list: MAC, Chanel, Kiehls, Origins, Tom Ford.

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Spring has come and we, the girls, want immediately update the wardrobe, new perfume, hear knock of the heels on the asphalt and have super make-up! I recently was in the make-up workshop from Lisa Belyanina (
@lisa_belyanina) and learned a lot new. And Lisa advised us a lot of cool products, which she had already tested so many times on her clients) So I decided to write a whishlist of cosmetics and care products. And I share it with you. I’ve wanted some of the products for a long time; some I had already and they have ended and need to be bought again; Or they were advised by Lisa.

Let’s start with care products. I have thin, sensitive skin with redness. Oily T-zone and sometimes scouring on cheeks. And I recently tried a super moisturizing mask from Origins. She’s so nutritious! I didn’t try better masks in my life. I bought myself a bunch and I’ll buy more! And I really love cleaning masks from Origins. And from Kiehl`s. I bought both a long time ago, but they unfortunately ended. Therefore, I’ll buy them once again.

Recently, I have a lot of products from Kiehl`s and here is my Wishlist: many people praise their new oil and this eye cream. This mask is a youtube star. And this concentrate is just great! And I also ran out of my favorite tonic with calendula.
For the hair I want to buy oil from Kerastase.

As for make-up, I wanted to try a bronzer from Chanel for a long time. I also run out of my transparent powder from Make up 4 ever, so I want to replace it with powder from Laura Mercier. I also want to buy new blush from MAC in Melba color (Lisa said that it suits ALL), concealer from Prolongwear and shadow-base  Paint pods.
And I also dream about Tom Ford lipstick and Becca highlighter in Moonstone shade. And Fix+ From MAC is on my wishlist for a long time.

Well, the fragrance for spring is Moschino I love love. This is my love from the age of 14! I always return to it!
I hope in the spring will turn some of my cosmetic wishes into reality)

And what are you planning to buy this spring? =)

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